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We provide guidance to individuals, groups, couples and organisations for better mental health. We regularly speak on various media and have published extensive research.

Rachel T. Salamon is a licensed clinical social worker with a background in behavioral and mental health as well as in healthcare.
Rachel provides individual therapy to adults, children, and families for various mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, adjustment, and behavior modification. 
She is trained in CBT, STI, and PCIT
Her approach helps clients to implement behavior modifications to improve their overall mental health and well-being.
She also has a background in healthcare and has worked in various healthcare settings serving different populations. 
She is SIFI certified and has mentored many graduate students. 
Aside from providing mental health counseling, Rachel is specialized in renal social work working in various outpatient dialysis clinics. 

Rachel T. Salamon

Indra is our welcoming, soft-spoken office manager. She has an accommodating smile and an always friendly demeanor. Indra trained as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and is proficient in all aspects of negotiating payment and reimbursement issues.

Indra Sinanan


Dr. Michael J Salamon, is the founder and director of the Adult Development Center, an organizational consulting group and ADC Psychological Services, PLLC, a multilevel practice mental health center in Hewlett, New York. Dr. Salamon holds doctoral degrees in Psychology and Research methodology. He has written extensively about consulting, and psychotherapeutic issues including: the effects of abuse, personality development, marriage, parenting and assessment issues and is the co-author of the Life Satisfaction Scale and the Addiction and Dependency Scale. He is also an internationally recognized trauma specialist having consulted and lectured widely.

Dr. Salamon is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and a Presidential Citation awardee recognized for his clinical work in the field of trauma, abuse, and resiliency. He has been on the editorial board of several professional journals. He serves as a consultant to several academic institutions, is on the clinical staff of North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York, a Division of Northwell Health, was a consultant to the Mount Sinai Narcotics Rehabilitation Center and Co-Chair of the Professional Advisory Board of P’TACH. Dr. Salamon has appeared on a variety of television and radio shows and is an Op-Ed contributor to the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Press, Haaretz and the Times of Israel. His books include The Shidduch Crisis: Causes and Cures, Every Pot Has a Cover: A Proven System for Finding, Keeping and Enhancing the Ideal Relationship and Abuse in the Jewish Community and Home or Nursing Home: Making the Right Choice for You and Your Family.

Michael J. Salamon

Vince Conte is a consulting psychologist with wide-ranging experience in individual and group counseling, executive coaching, organization design/development. His research and clinical experience include the following specialties:

Anxiety disorders Sexual abuse rehabilitation Psychology of East Asian Culture Healthy “safe” Work cultures Mindfulness TrainingAddictive Behaviors Men’s issues around “Anger Management” and building healthy relationships.Effective/Healthy Leadership Behaviors.

Splitting his time between organizational consulting and individual/group coaching and counseling, Dr. Conte works in Corporations, Healthcare, Education and Not-for-profit organizations. Vince is Managing Partner of Work/Life, LLC and staff Psychologist at ADC Psychological Services, PLLC. He also serves on the faculties of NYU and Hofstra University.
Licensed to practice psychology in New York State, since 1995, Vince received his doctorate in Psychology from Hofstra University and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Manhattan College. He is also certified in Guidance and Counseling, K-12.


Vincent A. Conte


After spending a decade in the business industry, Naomi took the leap and made a meaningful career change. She spent the next decade working toward her doctorate in clinical psychology which she received from Hofstra University. Naomi has extensive training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, as well as psychodynamic and relational modalities.
She believes in an integrative approach and tailors her treatment to meet the needs of the people she works with. She has trained in both inpatient and outpatient settings serving a culturally diverse adult and adolescent population. In addition to working with individuals who struggle with mood, anxiety, relationship, and personality difficulties, she is trained in perinatal woman’s care, couples therapy, addiction, complex trauma and suicidality. She has a special interest in researching cultural and religious aspects that influence mental health. She has authored numerous scientific publications regarding factors that influence wellbeing in the Jewish community. 

Naomi is grateful that life afforded her the opportunity to become a clinical psychologist as she absolutely loves her career. She believes that with the right tools and nurturing environment, you can heal from difficult life experiences and work through challenges. She combines warmth with a direct approach to help you through your unique lived experience, one baby step at a time. 

Naomi Rosenbach


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