• Attention and concentration disorders
  • School related issues
  • Oppositional/defiant disorders
  • Adoption issues
  • Child abuse
  • Behavioral disorders

Social Skills Groups

Some children have difficulty mastering the social and interpersonal skills they need to get along with their peers. As a result, they may become isolated, sad, irritated, or bossy. They are often excluded from social activities and consequently experience low self esteem.

Give your child tools for successive your child tools for success!

Groups can help your child learn critical social skills that foster success not only in school but in life. Your child can learn to:

  • Make eye contact
  • Wait for another person to finish speaking before jumping in
  • Listen effectively
  • Express anger and frustration appropriately
  • Keep to the topic during a group discussion
  • Accept defeat
  • Compromise,Apologize
  • Control Impulsivity
Study Skills Groups Can Give Your Child Tools for Success!

Study Skills GroupsĀ are available for elementary, middle, and high school students.