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Every Pot Has A Cover features chapters including:

  • How We Choose a Relationship
  • Personality: What Exactly Is It?
  • Lean on Me...
  • Understanding Yourself
  • Co-Dependency Myths
  • Understanding Yourself, and
  • The Keys To A Good Relationship

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The Shidduch Crisis: Causes and Cures takes a hard, honest look at the real difficulties faced by the dating public in today's Orthodox world. With the rates of divorce and eating disorders rising, complaints regarding the shortage of men and the move away from socializing activities to the extensive use of third-party matchmakers, a true crisis exists and may be worsening. In this book, Dr. Salamon explores these issues, particularly those related to how matches are made. He finds that most are made based on availability, not compatibility, and on superficial criteria that have no relevance to what truly makes a marriage successful. Citing relevant data from the fields of psychology, sociology, and neurology, along with a host of anecdotes from a wide range of people, Dr. Salamon, a well-known psychologist, author, and lecturer, provides guidelines to help alleviate this crisis.

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Look for the 2nd Edition of Home or Nursing Home

by Dr. Michael Salamon Now Available

Home or Nursing Home Making the Right Choices, Second Edition Michael J. Salamon, Ph.D., FPPR, FICPP and Gloria Rosenthal
One of the most difficult choices many people will have to make in their lives is whether to care for an elderly parent at home or place them in a nursing home. In this updated second edition, the authors explore the pros and cons of both choices. They debunk erroneous beliefs about home care vs. nursing home care, including cultural biases against placing loved ones in a nursing home. A home-or-nursing-home quiz to aid family members in the decision-making process is included. Once the decision is made, this book offers chapters on how to select a nursing home, nursing home resources and associations to contact, and reports from nursing home residents and their families on life after placement.
"Dr. Salamon is one of the formost researchers and practitioners in the field of clinical gerontology. Together with Ms. Rosenthal, he has assembled an invaluable guide for making one of life's hardest decisions: placing a loved one into a nursing home. This book is a must for families in that situation and would also be a good supplement for students in a gerontology or social work program. The second edition has updated key resources, especially web links."
- T.L. Brink, PhD Faculty of Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, CA and University of Redlands, Redlands, CA

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The Life Satisfaction Scale (LSS)

By: Michael J. Salamon Ph.D.

Formerly: The Life Satisfaction in the Elderly Scale (LSS)

Designed to assess quality of life in adults, the LSS has been widely accepted as "...a useful and helpful screening tool for various professionals." The test incorporates 40 multiple choice questions which yield a total score and subscale scores for:

  • Taking Pleasure in Daily Activities
  • Desired vs. Achieved Goal
  • Positive Self Concept
  • Perceived Financial Security
  • Regarding Life as Meaningful
  • Positive Mood
  • Perceived Health
  • Satisfaction with Social Contacts

Most adults can complete the form without professional assistance. The LSS can generally be completed in about 20 minutes, and is normed for people 30 to 80 plus. This instrument is used within and outside the U.S. as a tool for program evaluation, as well as in individual assessment and counseling, to improve the emotional and social adjustment of adults. The LSS is assistive in meeting Federal requirements and is useful as an outcome tool in clinical evaluations.